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ISTQB Dumps 2017 - Sure Pass Exam Questions

ISTQB Dumps 2017 - Sure Pass Exam Questions for UK Board / Indian Board / ASTQB / Canada / AUS-NZ and other boards

If you are looking for sure pass ISTQB Dumps 2017 for UK Board BH0-010 exam, please read the whole post.

I can give you 100% sure pass exam study material for ISTQB Foundation Level exam.

What is this sure pass ISTQB Dumps? What are included?
The package contains -
1. More than 200 premium questions
2. 1600+ normal ISTQB questions for practice
3. Best ISTQB Book for preparation
4. Special Printable Cards for easy remembering Key Concepts
5. How to solve Statement & Branch Coverage problem
6. ISTQB Study Materials, Syllabus and ISTQB Preparation Guide
7. Software Testing/ISTQB Glossary list 2012

All in an Instantly downloadable zip file for ISTQB Foundation Level Dumps 2014.

Which Exam Board?
The material is good for all exam boards, but it highly tested and proved 100% success rate for ISTQB BH0-010 UK Board exams. This exam is normally conducted in a Prometric or Pearson Vue center.

Will it work for exam board other than UK TB?
It should work all ISTQB Foundation Level exam. Many people have reported, they passed exams in other country board such as ASTQB, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Indian Board. However, it has been proved to work 100% for UK Board. No one ever failed with this collection of ISTQB study materials

How can I register for UK Board BH0-010 ISTQB exam?
You can visit Prometric or Pearson Vue website and locate your nearest exam center. Ask them for exam code BH0-010. You need to book an exam date. After the exam you will get instant result.

Who prepared the questions and study materials?
The study materials and questions were prepared by a highly qualified individual. The study materials are based on recent exam patterns and questions are updated regularly. I have collected the same during my ISTQB exam preparation and sharing with you guys here.

I have downloaded some sample papers available in the net. Will it work in the exam?
Most of the sample papers available freely in the internet are just practice papers and they are very old. Not a single question will come in the exam. They are good for initial practice. But if you want to see the recent questions patterns, you must go for premium ISTQB questions answers.

What is the cost?
The 100% sure pass ISTQB Dumps will cost 35 US Dollars.

How do you know the study materials are good?
I had collected these study materials during my exam preparation and I passed with 96 percent marks. I know these are good. If you don't believe me, just look for the questions elsewhere. I know the study materials work for sure.

How can I purchase the study material package?
Click on the direct download link below. You can pay using paypal.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Know how to pass ISTQB exam

100% sure pass ISTQB premium dumps 2017

ISTQB Software Testing Certification – Is it worth? – Its Benefits

ISTQB certification is conducted by a non-profit organization and is one of the best online testing certification . This organization is made of up industry experts worldwide, who have several decades of experience in Software Testing. This certification enhances one’s resume.

The advantages of ISTQB software testing certification are:

- The exam is easier than others because the questions are multiple choice, practical in nature and intuitive.

- The Foundation Level exam needs no minimum qualification or experience.

- Anyone from IT and non IT field can take up this certification.

- This means that you can take up the exam when you are in college, in between jobs or trying to switch from another field into Testing.

- ISTQB helps you to advance your career and differentiates you from others applying for the position demonstrating your mastery of the best practices and key concepts in the field of Software Testing.

- Your effort to improve your expertise in Testing is evident to your manager / interviewer.

- ISTQB certification is comparatively less expensive than other certifications

- You do not need to attend a separate software testing course or QA training in order to take up the ISTQB certification. The complete QA training material you need to successfully pass this online testing certification is available on our site for free.

What is ISTQB certification? Is it a good for Software Testing Certification?

ISTQB Certification is conducted online by its Member Boards through a testing Exam Provider and is an internationally accepted software testing certification. An Exam Provider is an organization licensed by a Member Board(s) to offer exams locally and internationally including online testing certification. ISTQB Certified Tester is the candidate who has successfully passed the exam and has the ISTQB certificate.

International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certification is available in 70 countries where ISTQB is represented by a Member Board. Each country has its own Member Board. For example, the member board in United States is called American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), in India is called Indian Testing Board (ITB). All other details like syllabus for the exam, the questions, pattern of the exam are same across the countries. ISTQB is a non-profit organization run volunteers and industry experts.

Why ISTQB is the best testing certification:

    Anyone from IT or from a non-IT field can take this online testing certification.
    ISTQB Foundation Level certification does not require any work experience and the certification has 3 levels.
    This software testing certification is the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software test certification in the world.
    Other certifications are recognized country wise but ISTQB certification makes you eligible to get testing job anywhere in this world.
    CSTP certification is valid only for three years, ISTQB certification will not expire for the lifetime and the testers need not qualify again to keep their certification.

There are 3 levels of the certification:

1.       Foundation level certification

2.       Advance level certification

3.       Expert level certification

1.       Foundation level certification: The freshers who want to start in the field of software testing and the experienced practitioners wishing to start moving up the ladder go for entry-level Foundation Certification.  The foundation certification provides a base for professional growth, under-standing of the fundamental best practices and key concepts in software testing.

There are six main topics in the syllabus:

- Fundamentals of testing.

-  Testing in the software lifecycle.

- Static techniques like reviews.

-  Behavioral (black-box) and structural (white-box) test design.

-  Test management and testing tools.

2.       Advance level certification: Testers with at least five years of experience go for Advanced Certification which is the mid-level certification. Advanced Certification ensures an understanding of advanced best practices and key concepts in software testing amongst committed test professionals, and to support on-going professional growth.

There are three main topics in the syllabus:

- Advanced behavioral or black box testing and testing standards for business-oriented testers.

- Test automation and advanced structural or white box testing for technically-oriented testers and programmers.

-  Sophisticated test management concepts for managers.

3.       Expert level certification: Leaders of the software testing with eight or more years of experience go for the Expert Certification. Expert Certification ensures consistent understanding and execution of proven cutting-edge techniques by seasoned test professionals, and to lead the software testing profession.

The syllabus contains topics that lead to specialization of the experts.

- Test process improvement

- Test automation

- Test management

- Industry-specific test techniques.

ISTQB Certification – The Study Guide

ISTQB certification is an essential part of QA Trainings and an internationally recognized software testing certification. It is important for candidates looking for a job as a Software Tester to get ISTQB certified. This article includes every information concerned with ISTQB certification to pass the ISTQB Foundation Level exam successfully.
ISTQB has 3 levels of certification – Foundation Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level.
The Foundation level exam needs no pre-required educational qualification. It is better if the candidate has at least 6 months of work experience but this is only a recommendation by ISTQB not a requirement.
Following categories of knowledge areas are included for ISTQB Foundation Level Certification.
  • Fundamentals of testing
  • Testing throughout the testing life cycle
  • Static techniques
  • Test design techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tool support for testing